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Welcome to the Point of Change!

We invite you to visit us at the Point of Change for your health care and life balance needs.
Our entrance at 2 / 18 Manning Road is down the driveway at the garden. 

What is the Point?

A still point
where natural health begins.

A tipping point
where old patterns shift.

A balance point
where stuck emotions free.

A turning point
where new joy is possible.

The Point of Change
where life becomes more of what you want.

The practitioners at the Point of Change are top in their fields and dedicated to offering you powerful wholistic solutions to the challenges of maintaining health for you and your family.  A wide range of expertise and treatments are available. 


Please call us for a specific discussion of your needs, or review the websites of our practitioners at the links below.
the point of change

Address: The Point of Change
Unit 2, 18 Manning Road
Double Bay, Sydney, NSW 2028
Telephone: +61 2 9328 3819

Michael Trembath

Michael offers sessions in Samvahan, an ancient Indian vibrational massage technique for balance and pain relief.  He is also a psychologist and trained in deep tissue and Zen bodywork.   His unique and remarkably sensitive work has been reviewed by WellBeing, Body and Soul, Nova and Nature and Health Magazines.

Michael’s approach is:  Know your body, know yourself; Free your body, free your behaviour; Balance your body, balance your life. 

See , email or call (61 2) 9328 3819. 

Megan Trembath

Megan offers Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and herbs for all medical conditions. She is a doctor or TCM and has advanced training in kinesiology, energy work, and nutrition.  She has profound results with fertility problems, teenage girls, and menstrual problems, as well as skin conditions and emotional or behavioural patterns. Megan also sells a range of natural Chinese teas (including for sleep, restless legs, digestion, moving chi) and creams (including for arthritis, skin, face, acne).  Teas and creams are $30. 

Contact Megan on 0413 488 437 or

Sam Adkins

Sam Adkins is an experienced homeopath who has worked in both the UK and Australia. A member of the Australian Register of Homeopaths as well as the Australian Homeopathic Association, Sam runs her clinic from Double Bay, and also from Sydney CBD Health located centrally on George Street in the Sydney CBD. Sam is also the practice homeopath for a central Sydney holistic dentistry practice. Sam treats many ailments and problems, and has a particular interest in treating behavioural problems in children and finds homeopathy a good alternative in many cases to the use of medicines such as Ritalin. She also specialises in Homeopathic Coaching and runs her online business to enable and empower individuals to use basic homeopathy in an effective and knowledgeable way at home.

Call Sam Adkins Homeopathy Clinics at Double Bay +61420 800725 and Sydney CBD +612 9299 1311

Contact The Homeopathic Coach at or email

Vered Kilstein

Vered has been a hypnotherapist, energy healer and Jungian Astrologer for the past 13 years and for the last 4 years, has specialized in past life regression. . The method she uses is the Dolores Cannon Technique, having trained with Dolores in all levels. This process has recently been renamed as Quantum Healing Technique.

We are all made up of many worlds encompassing many time space dimensions The process can open vision to images, stories, worlds,dimensions, memories and forgotton knowledge which hold significance for the current existence. Patterns, behaviours, beliefs and memories which have their origin stored in the subconscious may be witnessed,understood and healed resulting in new neural pathways and the release of karma. Vered is constantly in awe of this “superconscious” “higher self” voice which has an inner and yet, paradoxically “collective” wisdom which she believes supercedes the insights of a skilled practitioner.

Offers sessions in Past Life Regression and Psychospiritual Astrology. A session lasts about 3 hours and time is given to dialogue with the higher self voice to ask questions related to purpose, direction, illness, relationship and whatever truth needs to be revealed for the client's evolution.

Vered’s work is deeply profound and revealing, strengthening the clients’ dialogue with the inner self. 

See, email  or call 61 407 628 208.

Alastair Gray

DSH (UK) PCH (UK) PCHom (Malaysia) ADH (NZ) BAHons (NZ)
AHA. ATMS. ARoH (Aus) RSHom (UK)

For a decade Alastair Gray has run an unconventional general practice in the inner west and east of Sydney, and Auckland New Zealand. There is a lot of traveling with patients and lecturing. In 2006 for example, after 62 flights and 130,000 kilometres, he delivered 380 lectures over 4 continents. That seems to be a normal year.

In New Zealand he lectures for the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy and the Wellington College of Homeopathy.

In Australia, it’s the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, Australasian College of Natural Therapies and Nature Care College in Sydney. He is also a regular seminar presenter in Kuala Lumpur for the Homeopathic Academy Council of Malaysia, and he holds their PCHom. Alastair has also regularly presented and lectured in Toronto Canada, Boulder Colorado and San Francisco; in Galway Ireland, Preston and Nottingham England and Bangkok Thailand.

Trained in the UK at the School of Homeopathy he completed his postgraduate work at the Dynamis School in London. It is this grounding in Homeopathy plus his diverse background that permeates his work. He has a degree in history and a fascination with medical and homeopathic history. His experience as a bodyworker and a background in Gestalt Therapy and archery all contributes to his practice and presentations. His particular passion is in reconciling the differences and identifying and celebrating the similarities between methodologies in Homeopathic Medicine.; moreover integrating homeopathic medicine and philosophy in the broader context of health care. He sits on the medical board for the Asher Institute for Integrative Medicine in Sydney Australia. In addition, Alastair has a commitment to quality research in Homeopathy and has conducted a number of provings. As well as publishing the homeopathic proving of Kauri (Agathis australis), he has published four books and numerous articles on the provings of White Tailed Spider, Box Jelly Fish, Moreton Bay Fig, Tea Tree, Waratah, Liquorice, Cockroach, Bufo, Seahorse, Cactus, Kowhai, Pearl, Mosquito, Irukandji, and Tar Tree. He runs and teaches the residential Fusion Sessions, a Post Graduate program in Homeopathy, offered in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. He is completing his masters form the UCLan in the UK.

See, email  or call 61 414 691 279.

Christabel Merrillees

Offers intuitive touch and talking sessions to give clients tools to empower self-change.  Her insights and guidance are powerful.  She also trained in kinesiology and energy work, and achieves outstanding results with emotional problems and teenagers.  Christabel also offers guided meditation classes on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings. 

Contact Christabel at or on 0414 538 941

Michelle Cowie

Offers acupuncture treatments using five element technique and moxa.  Michelle works mainly with patients with emotional or stress issues, although they often initially present with a physical symptom.  Treatment empowers them to make better decisions about their lives and to reach their full potential – physically, mentally and spiritually / emotionally.  She is effective with the full range of ailments, especially joint problems, pain, IBS, migraines, and hormonal imbalances. 

Contact Michelle at 0404 650 254.

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